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714 Zachary Taylor Highway
Flint Hill, VA 22627

Our Mission

RappCats is a non-profit organization that helps stray, abused, abandoned and injured cats in Rappahannock County. We run the only State Veterinarian inspected cat shelter in Rappahannock County, which does not operate a private cat shelter.

RappCats is no-kill. We euthanize out of compassion only those suffering cats that cannot be saved.

Our shelter is cageless. Cats live in large rooms with lots of light, eating, sleeping and playing with each other.

Our cats are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, and socialized to make wonderful, lifelong pets. For more information call or text us at 540-987-6050, email us at, or view our website at

Adoption Policy

We keep it simple.  An adoption counselor will discuss your situation and the personality and behavior of the cat you are interested in to help you feel comfortable that the cat is suited to your home.

We ask that you provide us with a reference, preferably  your veterinarian. We do a brief home visit to ensure that everyone (including your other pets) will be comfortable with your new kitty. Many times this home visit will occur when we bring the cat to your home to finalize the adoption, especially if you live a considerable distance from Rappahannock County, but it can vary according to your needs and the cat's needs.

If you rent, we must see a copy of your lease to verify that you are allowed to have a cat.

Our adoption fee is a low $95, one of the lowest among private rescue organizations, which covers the costs of required vaccinations and spaying or neutering the cat. To adopt, call us at 540.987.6050 or email us at

  • day hours
    Monday 11-3 or by appointment
    Tuesday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
    Wednesday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
    Thursday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
    Friday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
    Saturday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
    Sunday by appointment. call or text 540.987.6050
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