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Our Mission

We are a 501c3 no kill rescue group working with the community to help save the unwanted/homeless/abused/neglected  animals in need and give them a second chance on life.  Many of these animals have had a rough start in life and just need another chance to have a happy healthy life.  We take in the homeless, abused, neglected, unwanted animals, have them vetted, and give them a safe place to live until a permanent home can be found.  We help with the overpopulation of animals by having the animals spayed/neutered. All of our rescues are seen by the vet, spayed/neutered as old enough, vaccinated, treated for any illnesses/injuries, so they are healthy when they go home with you. 
If you are interested in any of our animals please fill out an adoption application on our website




Adoption Policy

We try to make adoption simple. You must provide prove you are allowed to have the pet in your residence, and have proper means to care for the pet.  Please visit our website to fill out an adoption application to adopt. Rescue will contact you once we have received the adoption application about the pet you are interested in to schedule meet and greet and to discuss your application with you . However we require the adoption application to be filled out prior to any meet and greet.   Once we have your application we will go over your application to verify information that is put on it.  Usually within 24 hours of application ( unless application is submitted on weekend), we will get with get with you to discuss the application/schedule meet and greet. Once you have met the animal and decide it is good fit we will then schedule a home visit with you.  You will need to have collar, name tag, harness, food animal is eating, crate, and safe toys before home visit is done. Adoption contract will be signed at home visit and adoption finalized.  You will get all medical records on your pet as well as instructions to make transition easier also we will make sure u understand how and when your pets needs are due.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets