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Kilroy Kares Animal Rescue, Inc.

Dumfries, VA

Our Mission

Kilroy Kares Animal Rescue, Inc. was established in 2014 to help pets in need through providing medical attention, shelter, foster and adoption, We advocate for the voiceless, providing education and community outreach needed to help eliminate the killing of animals. We strive to promote the humane treatment of animals, and to build a community where people value animals and treatment them with kindness and respect. We save lives, one animal at a time giving a voice to the voiceless. Adopt don't shop!

Adoption Policy

Upon contact we speak with the potential adopter about what they are looking for. We have a conversation about lifestyle, other pets, family dynamic, etc. If appropriate we email adoption application. Upon receipt we begin background check consisting mainly of contacting current vet and ensure pets past and present have been well cared for, received timely vaccines and needed procedures, were spayed/neutered, etc. If pets have passed we inquire about the nature of that pets passing. On occasion social media and work checks are done.
Potential adopter is invited to visit the pets for adoption. If selected pet is too young to adopt out yet, approved adopters waiting are invited to have regular visits with their new family member. If a name is chosen, foster will start socializing that pet with his/her new name. If specific food is chosen, and when appropriate, foster will start using that food for a smoother transition. Pictures and videos and send to new parent(s) as they wait. If other pets in the household a meet and greet is set-up. Following the pandemic we are re-instituting home checks. Within 24 hours of pick-up day adoption fee is requested via Zelle, Paypal, or other electronic forms. Receipts are given with all vet paperwork and any other necessary paperwork at time of adoption, along with 2 days worth of food the pet is currently on, a favorite toy, or other necessary items to ensure a smooth transition. If assistance is needed introducing the pet to other pets in household, I or a member of my BOD will schedule and provide that assistance.

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