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Sweet Virginia Barn Cats

P.O. Box 154
Clarksville, VA 23927

Adoption Policy

*You must be 21 years to adopt.

*We ask for references before adoption.
Co-Worker or Neighbor
(No one related to you.)

*We require all kittens or puppies to be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age.
We require a copy of the paperwork sent to us to file with the state of Virginia.

*We DO NOT believe in declawing cats. (This is the equivalent of cutting a human's finger off at the first joint.)

*We DO NOT believe in chaining dogs.

Barn Cat Placement:
Cats must be confined for at least 2 weeks before release. This way, they are allowed time to adjust to their new environment.
Please contact us for the best way to transition animals.

We require that all Barn Cats have food, shelter, & clean water as they cannot survive on vermin alone.

Adoption donation Fees:
Puppies: $125
Dogs: $175

Need to surrender an animal?

*We reserve the right to take back an animal if follow through or any of our contract requirements are broken.
*We reserve the right to a home check visit to ensure the animal is a proper fit for the home.
*If the animal is not a good fit for the home, we will take the animal back.
Two weeks is a fair trial period for adjustment.
If moving or circumstances arise where the animal must be returned, please give us two weeks of notice & be prepared to wait until we
have space or offer to pay boarding costs.

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