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Our Mission

We are a rescue dedicated to raising puppies with the puppy culture program to give them the best possible start, we also train puppies(from our program and local shelters) towards becoming therapy and service dogs. We try to give every pup in our care the proper start and turning their lives around 180 Degrees!

Adoption Policy

Please fill out and email back to us for review.
We do not require application fees.

180 Degree Rescue

Foster/ Adopt Pre-Application

1. Which puppy are you interested in? ____________________________________________
2. From which litter is this puppy?_________________________________________
3. Are you interested in fostering or adopting?_____Foster ______Adopt
4. How did you hear about us? _______________________________________________________
Personal Info

First Name_____________________________ Last Name______________________________________

Date of Birth___________________ Email_________________________________________________

Full Address __________________________________________________________________________

(Include number, street, city, & zip code)

Daytime Phone Number ______________________________

Evening ___________________________

Place of Employment ___________________________________________________________________


Vet Reference Name________________________________ Phone Number_______________________

Personal References (Name, address, relationship, phone number)

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________________

Household Info

Own Home_____ Rent Home______ Own Apartment______ Rent Apartment_____ Other_____

How long have you lived at current address_____________

Are you planning on moving in the future? If so, when & where?______________________________________

If you are renting, please provide landlord’s name & phone number (to verify permission to have pet)__________________________________________________________________________________

List all who resides in home, including yourself (name, age & relationship to you)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does anyone in home have asthma or any known allergies to dogs or cats?

Please list pets currently living in household (Name, breed, age, gender, spay or neutered, indoor or outdoor)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever given pet away before? If so, please explain: _______________________________________________


Care of Dog

Where do you purchase your heartworm prevention?____________________________

What is important to you in a dog food, what brand do you feed your current animals, and would you feed your new dog? _______________

Who will be caring for the dog? ______


Do you have fully fenced yard? ___________________

what type of fence is used_________________

If you do not have a fence, how will you excercise and potty train your dog safely?___________________

How often will dog be left alone each day?___

Will the dog always be on leash? _______________

Will you walk your dog daily? ____________________

Will your dog be allowed to run free without supervision? ________________

Where will dog be kept when you are not home? __

What training and/or training tools/walking equipment are you comfortable using?


Will your dog receive formal training?___________________

Are you currently applying for another dog, thru a different organization/breeder?___________________

Foster/Adoption Terms

Foster/Adoption Process: The foster/adoption process includes a completed application, a check of the foster parent/adopter personal and vet references, permission from the landlord (if the foster/adopter rents), possibly a phone interview, and a home visit with all family members and pets present. When feasible, a meet and greet with foster/adopter's potential pet is also recommended if the dog the individual/family is adopting is over six months old. If the individual/family are adopting with 180 Degree Rescue, the individual/family will also be required to sign a contract which stipulates that if for any reason they can no longer keep your new pet, he or she MUST be returned directly to us. This is to ensure the safety of our dogs.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets