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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

4101 Eisenhower Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304

Our Mission

To inspire compassion for all living things, to provide shelter to animals in need, and to promote adoptions, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership in our community.

Adoption Policy

Thank you for considering adoption of your next companion from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA)! At the AWLA, matchmaking is our specialty. Pairing the right companion animal with the right adopter can be part science and part “art.” Our staff spends time getting to know each potential adopter—learning about his or her lifestyle and hopes for a new companion. Whether an adopter is looking for a energetic kitten or settled senior dog, social house rabbit or sunny parakeet, our staff ensures that every relationship starts off on the right foot—the first step as our residents and their adopters begin a lifelong journey together.

Benefits of Adoption

As part of the League’s adoption program, all companion animals are:

- Tested for heartworm and some other tick-born diseases (in dogs)
- Tested for FeLV/FIV (in cats)
- Current on all basic vaccinations (dogs, cats and rabbits)
- Microchipped (a permanent form of identification in dogs, cats and rabbits)
- Spayed or neutered (for dogs, cats and rabbits)
- Medically evaluated
- Adopters will also receive a voucher for a complimentary wellness exam with one of our partnering veterinarians and access to our behavior hotline.

The Steps to Adoption

1. Complete an Adoption Survey

Present the adoptions survey to an adoptions associate and learn information about the animal you have selected to meet with.

2. Meet with the Companion Animal.

Meeting with the animal will be facilitated by a staff member or volunteer. Dogs may be visited with inside or outside in the play yard. Cats and other small animals may be visited with in their kitty condo or enclosure.

3. Meet with staff for an adoption consultation.

Adoption consultation: During the consult the adopter will sit down with a League adoption counselor to review the adoptable animal’s medical and behavioral records, discuss ways to make the transition home a smooth one and finalize necessary paperwork. After this consult, new adopters are welcome to take their new companions home!

Adoption Expense


Youngsters (under the age of 6 months) $350
Adults $250
Bonded pair (adults) $300
Seniors (8 years and over) $150
Bonded pair (seniors) $225


Youngsters (under the age of 6 months) $200
Adults $150
Bonded pair (adults) $225
Seniors (8 years and over) $100
Bonded pair (seniors) $150


Starting at $20
Determined by AWLA based on size, age and animal’s health

And more!:

Ferret, chinchilla or rabbit $50
Bonded pair (ferret, chinchilla or rabbit) $75
Guinea pig $25
Bonded pair of guinea pigs $40
Reptile (snake, lizard) $25
Rat, mouse or hamster $5

Seniors for Seniors

Adopters who are 65 years of age or older may adopt any animal that is 8 years of age or older for FREE! Senior animals are often some of the best pets you’ll ever spend your life with and the AWLA wants to provide companionship for all people and animals who need it. Call 703.746.4774 or visit the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter to find your special senior today. The Seniors for Seniors program runs throughout the year.

Check out our adoption information at

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