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Our Mission

Helping dachshunds in need of a new home get the care they require and find loving forever families.

Adoption Policy

Everyone is asked to review this.

Please review the following so you will understand what we are looking for when processing adoption applications. This is geared toward the success of the adoption and permanent placement of the dog. They don’t deserve to be bounced around.

We want to make the best match possible for you and the dogs with Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue. The goal is to find them their forever family and forever home.

1. Clean and cared for yard with no holes in the fence (secure area for dog to explore and potty)

2. Fence should be permanent and 5-6 feet tall and solid: wood, chain-link, cinderblock, or vinyl (not chicken wire for example)

3. Homes, apartments, mobile homes or condos with private fenced yards or courtyards work for dachshunds, but when you have shared walls with neighbors (barking), no fenced area (getting lost as they run or wander), stairs and no ramps (it’s hard on their backs/IVDD)–for dachshunds, this raises concerns, but your intent to take care of them is what matters. There’s plenty to learn along the way

4. Adopters need to be over age 23

5. Should not be planning to crate them for over 4 hours

6. Regular potty breaks, dog door they take themselves, walks or letting them out regularly

7. Working full time away from home isn’t a good fit for a dachshund. They love and need to be with their people.

8. Every dog with Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue has a back story and like every dog needs patience and unconditional love

9. Things considered include age of children in household and their experience with dachshunds. Dachshund and toddlers often don’t mix well. Dachshunds may nip if they are not treated with respect

10. Non-smoking household

11. Meet and greet with the dog(s) in your family required

12. Stairs and furniture–Willingness to use a baby gate to block the dachshund from using them. Carrying them up and down the stairs. When you pick them up, supporting their chest and under their stomachs to protect their backs (prone to IVDD)

13. All dachshunds think they can fly, jumping off couches and beds. Ramps and training your dachshund to use them is encouraged

Dachshunds are part of the hound family, were bred as hunting dogs to hunt badgers. Characteristics such as ears folded forward (to keep dirt out), good scent detection, digging and a loud bark were valued in the development of the breed. They will bark. They may or may not dig, but they will almost certainly burrow under the blankets and they usually want to be with you.

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