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Active K9 Rescue Foundation

Park City, UT

Our Mission

12 year old Skipper has been ADOPTED! Skipper renamed Trapper has been adopted by our official foster failures Skip & Mardi Young. He has bonded with his new little sister Remy, a former Active K9 Alumn. With a bit of a diet change and some supplements this elderly gentleman will be living the high life. 

Adoption Policy

When adopting a pet from Active K9 we take the following steps. 

1. Applicants will fill out an Adoption Application.*

2. Applicants will have a phone interview to go over a few initial questions.*

3. If all goes well with 1 & 2 we will set up a Meet & Greet for the Applicant to get to know our fabulous dogs. While everyone gets acquainted we will do a formal interview to go a little more in depth as to the applicants experience and qualifications to owning and caring for one of our dogs. 

4. Applicant will sign all Contracts and apply Payment/Deposits towards the Adoption Fee ($100-$400)

5. Ta-Da you have a new family member!! 

6. Active K9 does do follow ups as well as encourages new adopters to keep in touch. Sharing the success of the adoption via email, phone, visits or Facebook.

*Steps 1 & 2 can be switched accordingly

Currently we are a "by appointment only" organization. All dogs in our program are raised, cared f

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets