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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide care and comfort to dogs during the most challenging times in their lives. A majority of the dogs that come to Fetch Cares have recently experienced a life-changing event such as being born with or developing an illness, being hit by a car, etc. After experiencing a life-changing event some dogs just need time and love to heal from their traumas. However, most need extensive medical treatment in order to heal or become “stable”. One of our goals is to have the dogs adopted into loving forever families who are willing and able to care for their unique conditions. If a dog is a super senior or diagnosed with a terminal condition then we will provide them with a forever home right here at Fetch Cares. We believe that every dog deserves the appropriate medical care needed for happiness and comfort until they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Being able to provide the necessary care to a dog during their final days is a calling that is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of Fetch Cares.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters need to meet and spend time with the dog. Then they must submit an adoption application. From the information on the application we will do a background check and contact references. It is important that the dog and person are a good match from both perspectives. Please contact us to get the adoption application. Call / text 435-777-3771 or 540-383-7522.

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