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Our Mission

So Many Paws Inc. exists to continue the efforts of helping dogs who have been misplaced, abused, forgotten, mistreated or who have found themselves in unfavorable conditions into their loving forever homes. It is our mission to help educate and assist in any way that we can in reducing the overpopulation of dogs and keep dogs from ending up in the shelter or worse dead.

Adoption Policy

We have a several check point adoption policy. First we ask that the potential adopter fills out an application with a detailed summary of their lifestyle so we can make sure to match the appropriate dog with the best family. We then have a phone call meeting to discuss application and then potentially plan a first visit. The first meet is done at the fosters home where we see intially how everyone gets along. The second meet is at the home of the adopter where we check to make sure the home meets adoption standards and that the everyone still is happy to be together. If the home check goes well, the adoption contract is signed that day and the dog is released to new owner. A week later, (trial period) the medical and legal documents are sent to new owner.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets