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2 Many Dogs Rescue

Wallis, TX

Our Mission

We are an army of ONE doing what we can to help the many homeless and unwanted pets in our area. 

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Adoption Policy

Our online application is not working. Please email us and we will send you an application that you can fill out. We will notify you when your application is received and someone will contact you within 48 hours if your application is approved.

Unless stated otherwise, we prefer to adopt out-of-state. Dogs can be sent almost anywhere within the continental United States. The adoption fee includes the cost of ground transport. We can also send dogs to Canada through the Port of Entry in Buffalo NY. 

We do not have a shelter. Most of the dogs are at my home. In-state adopters will need to make an appointment to meet any of the dogs listed. There is no way for out-of-state adopters to meet dogs before adoption. We provide videos, and virtual visits may be arranged.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets