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Our Mission

Our passion is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in crisis from cruelty, abandonment and neglect.

Furthermore with fundraising, networking, engaging alongside fellow rescues, providing and coordinating transportation; we will continue to save lives with the guidance of the Lord!

Ongoing support from the community such as volunteering, donating and fostering will ensure finding amazing, permanent adoptive homes for all animals the Lord places in our path!

Our Promise to the Lord is to be the Hands, Feet & Paws 4 Christ!

Adoption Policy

We require an adoption application to be submitted so we can gather information on the potential adopter to be sure we find the best fit possible for them and the pet. We occasionally request a home video prior depending on distance to confirm address matches what is put on the application. Most home visit with the pet to see that the environment and interaction is positive before agreeing. If we believe it is good placement, and that the potential adopters are happy with the pet, we then email them an adoption agreement, once signed we set a time and date and bring most/all pets to newly adopted homes. Our goal is to have safe, happy and thriving homes for the pet and adopter so we have successful adoptions that last a life-time.

Please take into consideration before applying that any out of state adoptions you are fully responsible for the cost of transportation, we will help schedule and provide resources. We do ask any distance over 90 mile radius from our hometown requires a fuel donation. We encourage local adoptions more for these reasons, we are a small non-profit and all within the organization are volunteer based. We appreciate any additional assistance in funding fuel cost for transportation.
Thank you, God Bless!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets