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Houston Animal Rescue Team - HART

Tomball, TX

Adoption Policy

Houston Animal Rescue Team, HART is very concerned about the health of
our rescues. The dogs are bathed and groomed and taken to a vet so they
can be properly examined. Each animal is vaccinated, age appropriately.
Adult dogs are given a DHLPP booster, as well as a rabies shot, and
bordatella (kennel cough) vaccines and StrongID. Puppies are given at
least two DHLPP vaccines, and three if age appropriate, as well as kennel
cough vaccine and rabies shot if over 12 weeks of age. All animals are also
dewormed and placed on flea and heartworm prevention. All dogs over
6 months are tested for heartworm to be sure they are negative. If the
dog has not been spayed or neutered, will be scheduled as soon as
appropriate. HART also routinely has dentals done on all rescues, as
required. All dogs are also microchipped.
Any medical conditions found by our vet are treated according to their
directive. The most common health issues we see with rescues are
respiratory, skin and ear infections and heartworm and dental disease.
We ensure any foster home has properly vaccinated their pets, including
bordatella to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. We ask foster
homes to keep the rescue separated from their pets for a period of two
weeks to be sure that they are not infected by an illness that may take a
few weeks to surface. The rescue is kept in a separate room with its own
water and food dish.

Those that wish to adopt a dog through Houston Animal Rescue
Team, HART must understand that we have guidelines that need to
be met by the adopter. To qualify for adoption an applicant must pass
an application review, home visit and phone interview
One of HART’s goal is to educate the public on the overpopulation
crisis and take a firm stand on the spay/neuter issue by requiring all
dogs and cats in the household be spayed or neutered before we can
approve an applicant to adopt one of our dogs. We realize that some
people are unaware of the seriousness of homeless and unwanted
pets and may have an unaltered animal. We also understand that
some owners feel they are responsible, won't breed their pet, but
prefer to keep their dog in a "whole" state for either personal reasons
or "just not being aware" of the consequences of overpopulation. We
determine “why” they have an unaltered animal, and if it is within our
allowance guidelines, we will carefully discuss the situation, and if we
find there are verifiable and justifiable reasons, we will approve the
home for adoption (providing the rest of the application is approved.)
If the applicant claims they are currently and actively showing their
dog, we will ask for proof by showing us current entries in AKC
sanctioned shows.

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