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Our Mission

Lakeside Rescue is a nonprofit dog rescue that is dedicated to decreasing the homeless and at risk dog population in North Dallas as well as the thoughtful rehoming of each and every Lakeside Rescue Dog!

We proudly serve an area in which the canine rescue populations are remarkably overlooked. This provides a unique opportunity for us to contribute a meaningful and lasting impact to an entire community. Lakeside Rescue is driven to educate local families on what it means to responsibly adopt and encourages healthy, happy, lasting bonds. Our location is established and our roots are deep. The community has afforded us a considerable influence over the homes, hearts and minds of so many - a responsibility we will never take lightly. We are driven to share our passion for adoption through the deliberate rehoming of our dogs, educating and increasing awareness in the communities we serve and providing life long support to each family and pet we are lucky enough to meet along the way. Let us help you find your forever friend!

Adoption Policy

Anyone interested in adopting a dog from our rescue must first go to our website and submit an application. After that they can contact us and we can set up a meet-and-greet. For some cases we may offer a trial adoption phase before signing papers before the adoption is finalized.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets