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Our Mission

RRR is committed to educating the public on the importance of spaying & neutering your pets, all the while providing high-quality rehabilitation and training to the animals that find their way into our rescue. That way, we can set them up for long-lasting success in their forever families.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is fairly simple for our adopting hopefuls, but we try and be as thorough on our end as possible.

First thing first, we require an APPROVED application before we advance in the adoption process. Once we get an application in, it will take 1-3 days to review it. During this time we are making phone calls and emails to all listed personal references, landlords, places of employment, and veterinary clinics to ensure all important information provided within the application are true.

Once the application is APPROVED we will then schedule a Meet-&-Greet and home check. (the order varies based on individual cases) *A home check is required, and if there are any items we come across that may be a point of concern, those items will need to be fixed prior to finalizing the adoption.

If the Meet-&-Greet goes smoothly and all parties (furry friends included) agree to continue in the adoption process, then our "Trial Adoption Period" will begin. Our "Trial Adoption Period" is a 14 day 'test run' for our adopting families that is used as a time to evaluate if the animal is going to fit in with their family. Animals need time to re-adjust to new environments. As they get more comfortable and start to learn new routines, more often then not, they will start to come out of their shell and may exhibit some undesirable behaviors. The adopting family can decide if these behaviors are something that they are willing to take on and work through. If it turns out to be something that they can't handle, then they can return the animal and receive a refund of their adoption fee as long as the decision to return the animal is made within the two-week trial adoption period.

If at the end of the two-week Trial Adoption Period the family has decided to finalize the adoption, then we will finalize all adoption paperwork, make a finalized adoption announcement, transfer the microchip information over to the new family, and celebrate a life filled with love for our new RRR Alumni!

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