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7 Pups from the Pines TX

Scroggins, TX

Our Mission

7 Pups from the Pines vision is to encourage and empower a progressive community that sets the standard for animal well-being in rural areas.

Our mission is to create positive change within our community, help the unwanted pet population, and improve the lives of companion animals and their families through systemic change rooted in strong public policy and diligent community participation.

Adoption Policy

Thank you for your interest in adopting from 7 Pups from the Pines! We sincerely appreciate your decision to adopt a rescue pet, and we hope that we can facilitate finding your new best friend. 

Because we are extremely committed to the animals in our care, we have a structured adoption process in place to ensure a successful match.

The first step in our adoption process is completing our Adoption Questionnaire. We know the questionnaire may seem intimidating and overwhelming. We use this form as a starting point to facilitate a conversation to determine if the proposed adoption is in the best interest of both the animal and your family. We believe a conversational approach is the best way to develop a trusting relationship necessary for a successful pet adoption.

The length of time between receiving your questionnaire and finalizing an adoption varies based on a number of factors. We want our potential adopters to know that this is a mutually selective process. 7 Pups from the Pines is committed to our adopters and is here to serve as a source of support, advice, and as a safety net for these animals throughout the entirety of their lives.

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our approach to pet adoption. We do not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, age, or any other factor that does not a?ect your ability to love and care for a pet. Our sole purpose is to place these animals in loving homes compatible for their individual needs.

After reviewing your questionnaire, we will contact you to begin discussing what you are looking for in a companion animal. If we feel that there is the potential for a successful match with an animal already in our care, the next step is to arrange a Meet-and-Greet.

If both parties are interested in taking the next steps following a successful Meet-and-Greet, we will send you a copy of our adoption contract to review. We also appreciate the opportunity to visit your home, for the sole purpose of ensuring an environment that is compatible for the animal. This also serves as an opportunity to introduce the animal to any other pets living in your home.

Prior to finalizing an adoption, we typically require at least a 48-hour waiting period so that each party is allowed the opportunity to thoughtfully evaluate their decision to proceed with the adoption.

On adoption day, we will bring the animal to your home, both parties will sign the adoption contract, exchange the adoption fee/donation, provide all veterinary/health records, and any supplies/comfort items belonging to the animal.

It is then time to officially begin your new adventure with your new best friend.

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