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Schnauzer Ranch and Friends Texas Inc

Sanger, TX

Our Mission

Schnauzer Ranch & Friends Inc.
Statement of Proposed Operations for Public Foundation

The sole purpose of this foundation shall be to help save innocent lives of felines, primarily; canines and other companion animals. We propose to do this by assisting rescues in saving animals from pounds, hoarding situations, high risk kill shelters and any dangerous or unwanted dwellings/homes. Transportation of said animals shall be to safety, whether it be fosters, adopters, or boarding.

Medical care and attention will be sought for any sick or hurt animal in a timely manner. The foundation shall assist in the care of said animals without prejudice to type of injury or illness. This shall include, but not be limited to broken bones, upper respiratory infections, heartworms, bites, etc…, with the goal of returning animals to their highest level of function in hopes of a new chance at life.

All animals shall be spayed/neutered and up to date on state required vaccinations at a bare minimum, and in a timely manner. Special care and shall be given in seeking new, responsible pet owners if attempts to reunite lost animals with their previous owners have failed.

The foundation plans to help to provide low income families with assistance to help pay vet bills, including spays/neutering, vaccinations, food, and any other health issues that may arise, in order for their companions to remain in their homes.

Adoption Policy

To apply for one of our dogs , you will need to respond to the Petfinder link for that dog
You will need to list your phone number so we are able to call and speak with you

We will reply to the link with the applications that will need to be filled out. And returned

No one meets any of the dogs until their application is pre approved.

We NEVER require a Deposit up front and all adoption fees will be paid when the dog is adopted /transferred to new owner.

Thank you!

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