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Our Mission

We are dedicated to the welfare of dogs in need, specifically those who are abandoned, or are homeless. Our primary objective is to ensure that these dogs are placed in safe and loving homes. We firmly believe that every dog deserves to experience love and the unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners. It is our belief that no dog should spend its entire life without knowing the warmth of a home and the care of a family. We understand that dogs are not meant to spend their days alone on the streets, and that is why we started this rescue.

Adoption Policy

We have weekly adoption events where potential adopters can meet our dogs. Once someone sees a dog they like they fill out the adoption application. After filling out the form we then do a meet and greet if they already have other dogs. If that goes smoothly, we proceed to the overnight visit at their home. If the overnight goes well and the application is approved, we proceed with the adoption and have the contract signed. When they do a two week follow up to make sure everyone is still happy with the decision. From then on we periodically check in to get updates on our dogs.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets