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City of Saginaw Animal Services

205 Brenda Lane
Saginaw, TX 76179

Our Mission

The City of Saginaw Animal Services is the municipal shelter for Saginaw, TX. Our mission is to protect and nourish the relationship between our community and the animals within our community. Through the following objectives, we strive to provide friendly, professional services and provide a safe haven for cruelly treated, abandoned, and unwanted animals.

Enforcing animal laws and ordinances, and providing rabies control services.

Addressing and balancing the health, safety, and welfare needs of both the animals and the people in the community.

Educating and informing the public about responsible pet ownership, including promotion of sterilization.

Providing a safe, compassionate shelter for stray and unwanted animals.

Reuniting lost pets with their families, and placing unwanted animals into permanent new homes.

Maintaining a highly trained, professional, caring staff.

Adoption Policy

When attempts to reunite pets with their families fail, we place friendly, healthy animals up for adoption. Our adoption fee is $20.00 for the adoption this includes DHPPV Booster, Worming (Pyrantel), $20.00 for a microchip (implanted prior to pet leaving facility) $5.00 Heartworm Testing, $5.00 Rabies vaccination, and the cost of sterilization.(Cats $35 for male cats/kittens, $45 for female cats/kittens, dogs varied based on weight of animal)

All fees will be collected at the time of adoption, an appointment will be made by a staff member and the date and time will be given to you. The adopted pet will stay at our facility and transported to the appointment by an Animal Control Officer. On the date of the appointment the veterinarian will contact you with a pickup time, or you may request that the animal be brought back to the shelter for you to pickup at the shelter.

  • day hours
    Monday 0900-1700
    Tuesday 0900-1700
    Wednesday 0900-1700
    Thursday 0900-1700
    Friday 0900-1300
    Saturday 1000-1400
    Sunday closed

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