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German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas

Round Rock, TX

Our Mission

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas strives to save German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes from neglect, abuse, and premature death. We give rescued dogs a chance to have the good life they deserve through rescue, adoption, referrals, and behavior counseling. We do not sell dogs. We adopt intelligent, sensitive beings into homes where their personalities and potential will be valued.

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and all dogs are in foster homes. We are able to adopt dogs in the Austin Area, San Antonio, Houston, and Waco. We are unable to approve adoptions beyond our service area.

Equipment and supplies are purchased using the personal funds of our volunteers, or are donated or purchased using contributions and adoption fees. All dogs are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and current on heart worm prevention and flea medication at time of adoption.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Process
Carefully consider if you are ready for a dog. The dog you adopt is a LIFETIME commitment.

Meet the Adoption Criteria?
-You must be an adult who can maintain a household and provide references.
-Have a suitable, fenced yard prior to bringing your dog home. We will only do ONE home check so please be ready. We do not adopt dogs to homes with electric fences.
-Provide necessary vet care & training if any issues arise.
-Allow a 30-Day adjustment period.
-Advise us immediately if any problems arise.
-We appreciate updates and photos!

Fill out the Adoption Application. This is found at the following link:
-You MUST complete an application and be approved before meeting any of our dogs.
-Please allow at least 48 hours for us to review your application. It typically takes a week to fully process your application.
-Allow us to conduct a Home Check.
-Once your application is approved, meet foster dogs.
-You MUST bring ALL members of the family, including your own dogs.
- Pay the adoption fee of $300.00.
This fee helps recover some of the cost of:
Shelter release fees
-Vet Care
Sign the Adoption Contract. This is found at the following link:

Adoption Policy
We place our dogs into the most suitable home according to their temperament and needs. It is not unusual for multiple families to be interested in the same dog at the same time. We commend your desire to save a rescue dog!

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