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Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary, Rescue & Rehab Center

1279 FM 2116, Dogtown Ranch
Dogtown Ranch
Rockdale, TX 76567

Our Mission

Our Mission 

We believe nothing is impossible with faith, love, consistency and hard work, All of them with few exceptions can be rehabilitated from abuse and neglect and become valued memberes of our Society, We believe each and every one has their own angel watching over them, we are only here to guide them on their journey home,.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab will take in emergency injuries and injured Pit Bulls that have been subjected to dog fighting or abusive situations, that would otherwise have been euthanized and unwanted because of their past.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab provides a safe respite for abused animals and a forever home for them to live out their lives in an environment that reinforces their self esteem, security and confidence, with love, a warm bed of their own, and lots of food, toys and friends to play with.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab will never turn away an animal in need a

Adoption Policy

Please answer the following questions before deciding on your potential dog. We try to ensure the best possible match between animal and adopter. Remember that this is a lifetime commitment. You will be asked to sign a legal contract when adopting one of our dogs and you must pay an adoption fee of $200. This fee includes spaying or neutering. The fees go directly to Dogtown Ranch to help pay for upkeep and medical care. Keep in mind the following points:

·     The adopter must be within driving distance of Rockdale, Texas.  We do not ship dogs.

·     Dogs must be housed indoors.  An onsite visit is required.

·     Dogs live an average of 10 - 12 years. We are looking for those special adopters who will make every effort possible to keep their companion for the entire life of the dog despite life style changes (divorce, moving

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