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Central Texas Rat Rescue

Pflugerville, TX

Adoption Policy

If interested in adopting, please look over the available adoptables (on,, and on our Facebook page) and fill out the adoption application. Not all available rats may be listed, though I do my best to keep listings up to date. The fee to adopt is $50 per spayed/neutered rat (rats are required to be adopted in pairs unless joining other rats). This fee may seem high, but please keep in mind all rats are vet checked, provided all necessary veterinary care (including deworming and parasite treatment/preventative), and spayed or neutered for a fraction of the typical cost. Spaying and neutering rats has huge health and behavioral benefits and makes them much healthier, happier pets, and this fee does not even cover the costs of the procedures, let alone the other costs incurred.

If you cannot keep your rat(s) that were adopted from CTRR, you must return them to the rescue (I will ALWAYS take back any rats adopted from CTRR). In most cases, the adoption fee will be refunded.

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