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About CTBR: We are a small private rescue since 2004, dedicated to French & English Bulldogs. CTBR is composed of a small number of volunteers, sponsors, and foster homes primarily located in Pearland TX just South of Houston. We also happily network with other Bulldog specific and All breed rescues. We accept bulldogs into our rehoming program on a case by case bases from Animal Control/Pound/ Shelters, fellow rescuers, owner surrenders, found and breeder relinquishes. We are not a facility open to the public with viewing hours. You must have an approved application on file to schedule a visit since adoptable bulldogs are in our personal private homes. We do have a thorough adoption process. It starts with your application, reference checks, and home visit. We take great care in matching each bulldog to their prospective new home. We are advocates for our rescue Bulldogs first and foremost and want the best forever placement for them.

Adoption Policy

How to apply for adoption: If you are interested in being considered for adoption please email and request our adoption application. When filling out your application, please do not skip questions or leave out information on past pet ownership, vet references, land lord/tenant contact info, are very important in the adoption approval process. We only have what you give us in the application to go by. Adoption application, reference checks, home visit and adoption fee is required. The Adoption process can take as little as a few days to a few weeks depending on application processing issues, home visit scheduling conflicts, and per dog circumstances and medical release/status.

Out of State Applicants: We are open to out of state applicants. Once your application has been approved you will have to make arrangements to pick up in person. Home visit requirements as part the adoption process will be fulfilled by volunteers in your area or by other arrangements such as pictures, facetime or videos. Video and current pictures of where your adoptable bulldog will be kept, yard, and fence as well as pets already in the home may be accepted if a volunteer in your area is not available. Scheduled Face time for interview and above considerations may also be considered.

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