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Texas Misfits and Creatures Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


Our Mission

Misfits and Creatures is about educating the public about animal care, how animals are affected in the wild, and general education about specific species. We also host adoption events and various locations. We have a strong focus on exotic companion pets as there is not many rescues or education on care on how to care for these pets. We host education events at Churches, Libraries, Schools, and other functions. We are also involved in the community with local parades and local events to help spread education about animals. We have 10+ years of experience working with animals but knowledge and education is power and even we learn something new everyday. We truly enjoy connecting people with pets and finding forever homes and education to the public.

Adoption Policy

You must fill out an adoption application. If you are adopting a specific species that requires a permit it must be valid at time of adoptions. We do an interview process with each potential adopter to ensure they are prepared for animal. If adopting a caged animal we prefer that a set up is available for animal to come home to. Every animal that is adopted out is required to come back to rescue if something unforeseen happens. If adopting an animal that lives 20 plus years we require a plan in place if something may happen to owner. We also must know city and county regulations for each animal that is being adopted to ensure animal is allowed within city limits. We can either email application or have a paper form filled out.

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Recommended Pets