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Fluffys Friends, Inc.

Navasota, TX

Our Mission

Our Mission is to save shelter cats, abandoned cats, street cats, abused and neglected cats -- one cat at a time, with a concentration on the high kill shelters of Central and East Texas. Fluffy's Friends makes sure the cats receive the medical attention they need, help to rehabilitate the cats needing rehabilitation, love, nurture, and encourage the cats that never have known compassion and empathy, with the end goal of finding permanent, loving homes for these precious cats without the need for long term boarding once out of the shelter system. Fluffy's Friends is also dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of abandoning, giving up, and turning animals in to the shelter system. We promote and advocate spay and neutering and responsible pet parenting.

Adoption Policy

When you contact us about a particular animal, we want to make sure that you are adopting an animal that will fit into your lifestyle.  We ask lots of questions about what you are looking for in a new best friend. 

We would like to make sure you adopt the perfect cat or kitten.  Please make an appointment to visit us and play with all the kittens and cats.  Contact us at for an application.

We are a private rescue and not open to the public.  However, you may visit us by appointment to see our beautiful, loving kittens and cats!  Contact us as for an appointment.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets