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Our Mission

4-Legged Helpers, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) animal welfare/rescue organization. Our mission is to help save the lives of animals at grave risk of euthanasia in High Kill animal shelters, with a focus on small or rural communities whose pets are often never seen by rescue groups, or the general public. We network with both in-state and out-of-state no kill 501 (c)(3) rescue organizations through obtaining individual pet photographs and creating write-ups that can be viewed via emailing (s)and social media. Once a pet is chosen we work to ensure the safety and release of the pet form the animal shelter or often life threatening situation, and work closely with shelter staff, volunteers, veterinarians, fosters, rescuers, transporters, and boarding facilities to provide any needed medical treatment, health certificates, vaccinations, testing and transportation costs for in state and out of state transport. We can the lives of pets in need that would otherwise lose their lives. We have no overhead costs and every donation goes directly to help a pet in desperate need.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process usually consists of an adopter viewing the animals in our care online and at that time if they are interesting in one of the animals they would fill out an adoption application which will be reviewed within 24-48 hrs and if everything is in order they would be able to meet the animal with a home visit. After the visit if they are approved and they would like to adopt the animal they would fill out an adoption contract (can be done at visit) and pay any adoption fees. They can then take possession the animal. They can return the animal at any time but would need to adhere to the adoption contract.

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Recommended Pets