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Good Catch Dog Rescue

Marion, TX

Our Mission

We can't turn our heads, drive past and forget. We stop, we take home, we love and we care for the discarded underdogs of a failed system.
We are a community of good people who do good things and although we are a small rescue, we make a big difference in the lives of our dogs.
Every dog we've loved has been a rescue, every dog we adopt out will have a story that starts with a tear of sadness and ends with a tear of joy and celebration.
We will ALWAYS root for the less fortunate and stand in front of their bullies.

Adoption Policy

After filling out an application and submitting, an adopter will be contacted by a volunteer to discuss the personality of the dog they're interested in and the lifestyle of the applicant to see if they're a good match.
We check references, location, social media and if they've been a previous pet owner, we call their vet for a check on their previous pets' medical care.
Once approved, the adopter would pay for the adoption of the dog, and we would schedule transportation with one of our trusted transport partners if out of state.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets