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Live Cruelty Free Animal Rescue

Mansfield, TX

Our Mission

We are a group of citizens who are animal lovers! Upon learning of the amount of healthy, highly adoptable dogs and cats being euthanized in our shelters in the state of Texas, we decided it was time to get involved. We formed this organization with the goal in mind of getting as many of these highly adoptable animals into loving homes,thus, helping to avoid them ending up in a shelter where they very possibly may have been killed. We also, when room allows it, try to pull animals from certain shelter's "code red" list, meaning they are set to be euthanized within 24 hours. We all have jobs, and families of our own, and we operate solely on donations form other animal loving people! We spend the majority of the free time any of us have running animals back and forth to vet appointments, answering calls for other animals needing our help and setting up adoption clinics around the Mansfield area to help our animals find their "Furever" homes! 

Adoption Policy

Adopting an animal from us consists of an application process, proof of current vaccinations on your current animals, lease or rental agreement, if living in a rental, showing pet deposit has been met and pet is allowed. If you own your home we will simply ask to see any documentation verifying such. We know this may seem like a hassle, but many, many people try to adopt animals while living in rentals and not meeting their pet deposit requirements, or, not receiving the acceptance from a landlord to have the animal in the first place.  This causes nothing but hard ship for the animal when it has to be returned because an owner of the house/apartment has discovered the animal, and insists on the removal of said animal.Thank You for your understanding on this matter!  

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