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Our Mission

To rescue, rehome and to rehabilitate animals in Houston and surrounding areas who are in need and are in a crisis. To be a voice for those that are voiceless, and to advocate for each and every animal in our care. Our mission is to inspire those around the country and to inspire our community to get involved in helping those in need. To help establish and build a community where people value and treat animals with kindness, respect and love.

Adoption Policy

What makes Stay Scharp Rescue stand apart from other groups is that we are family run, small and intimate. Each potential adopter talks personally to the directors and founders multiple times prior to being placed with families. We create a lifelong friendship with each family and adopter where our animals are placed. We are reachable at any time in the day, and are a full service rescue. Each dog in our care is treated like part of our family - even after adoption.

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