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Lake Dallas Animal Shelter

687 North Lakeview Dr.
Lake Dallas, TX 75065

Our Mission

Until Every Kennel is Empty!!

We ensure all animals receive medical attention and care and love while housed at our facility. We strive to provide a safe environment to our local community, through education, advocacy and helping!

We do our very best to provide a clean, disease free and a safe place for every animal, until they find their forever home. Our staff members work hard every day to bring love, comfort and enrichment to help lessen the stress of our animals.

We accept any monetary donations to help with medical, and food needs for our pets. Without your contributions, our animals would receive little care. We appreciate all who donate to our animals and love the support from our community.

Adoption Policy

Adopting a pet is a fun experience with us and we want to help you find the perfect fir for your family. For information you can call or come by during business hours to visit with our pets. To adopt, we require a government issued I.D. We accept cash, card or check for payment. Please know, you must be 18 to adopt.

We strive to find every animal a home and before you adopt, please know that having a pet is a 10-20 year commitment, so it's important to make an good decision before adopting. All animals come with 1st rounds of vaccinations, deworming, microchip, rabies vaccine and spay/neuter voucher, if the animal has been altered.

Our adoption process easy as 1..2..3, just have your government I.D on hand and enter your information in our system. We then go over the animals medical history and what is the next vaccines that are due and we discuss spay/neuter instructions and any questions you may have. Once we have discuss the animals next step, you sign an adoption contract and then the animal becomes yours, and you can enjoy you newly adopted pet!

Please note, our facility does not have a vet on site to perform spay/neuter surgery, therefore, we provide you with an spay/neuter voucher to take the animal to be altered to our contracted vet to TCAP, located in Denton. At the time of drop off for service, you present the voucher to the clinic and they bill us later. Please know when adopting, you agree to complete this process as the state law is quoted below. Once the animal has been altered, documentation proof of the procedure MUST be submitted to the shelter within a time frame. for further information on the adoption process, you may call the shelter through normal business hours.

In order to ensure compliance with Texas State Law, Chapters 826 and 828 of the Health and Safety Code, which require all adopted shelter animals to be vaccinated for rabies and to be sterilized, all pets adopted must be spayed/neutered adoption receive a rabies vaccination within 30 to 60 days of adoption. 

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