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Our Mission

Kirby Animal Services strives to place every adoptable pet into a loving home. We strive for a no kill status. We work diligently to place all animals that are healthy, have treatable medical conditions and that have good temperaments be placed in a safe, suitable home.

Adoption Policy

We only ask a few questions: 1.) Do you rent or owner living space? If you rent we ask that you show proof that you can have a pet via rent agreement and that you pet deposit has been paid, if there is one. 2.) Is a request that all family members (four legged) or otherwise comes in to view the animal before the animal is allowed to leave the facility.

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    Monday CLOSED
    Tuesday CLOSED
    Wednesday 10am-5pm
    Thursday 10am-5pm
    Friday 10am-5pm
    Saturday 12pm-4pm
    Sunday 12pm-4pm

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