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Our Mission

We are a group dedicated to shining light on the animal welfare problem in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to spread awareness, promote compassion, and inspire change by tackling animal welfare issues in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Adoption Policy

1. Submit Application
2. Home Check
3. Meet the Pet
4. Sign Adoption Contract
5. Pay Adoption Fee
6. 2 Week Trial
7. Finalize Adoption


To adopt a pet within our group, please fill out an adoption application. Once/if your application is approved, we will make arrangements to set-up a home visit/virtual tour. The home visit/virtual tour will allow us to see the area the pet(s) will be living in, as we will need to make sure it is a safe and clean environment.

After the home visit, if the applicant has any current pets, we will conduct a meet and greet to ensure all pets are introduced properly. If all goes well, the pet(s) will go on a “2 week trial” with the applicant.

At that time, the adoption agreement and the adoption fee is due upon taking possession of the dog(s). If the dog still has remaining vetting to do under TIH, we will also require a foster form be submitted as well. If the pet is not a good fit for the household, he/she must be returned to us with a full refund if within the 2 week trial.

If the 2 week trial DOES go well, and both parties choose to finalize, we will register the microchip in the adopter’s name and we will send over a health record for the pet(s) as well as important information regarding the microchip registration.

Please keep in mind, once the adoption is finalized, and if it doesn’t work out with the pet(s) for whatever reason, the pet(s) must return back to us, as it states in our adoption contract.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets