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Our Mission

It is a non-profit organization where we help homeless and abandoned pets (dogs, cats, etc.) to find a responsible and loving family that cares for and protects them. Welcome to this beautiful cause!

Adoption Policy

First, we send an application where we request personal information from the family that includes data such as where they live, if there are more pets in the home, if there are children in the home, if they have previously adopted, if they have previously adopted any animal, time that he dedicated daily to the pet. among other

We also ask for photos of the house where the animal would be living. Once we accept the application, we ask the foster family for the pet to take it to the veterinary center for its medical checkup.

Later, once the animal is taken to its final home, the agreement is shown where the families commit to the care of the pet, among them that they cannot sell it, throw it away, mistreat it.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets