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Our Mission

To help pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach.

Adoption Policy

Please complete the adoption application so Rescue Texas may assist you in finding a special, compatible companion to join your family. Please understand that not all families and pets are compatible, and we want to ensure the welfare of the animal by placing pets in the best possible home.

Age and breed; unless a dog is born while in our rescue, age is an estimate only. Breeds are determined purely as best guess!


The adoption fee includes heartworm testing if over 6 months, age appropriate vaccines, and microchips for all of our pets.

The adoption fees never cover all expenses, so therefore additional tax deductible contributions are welcomed.

Our rescue dogs usually come from serious abuse, neglect or abandonment- most always have many medical needs.

If the dog is over 6 months of age, it will be spayed or neutered before adoption. If the dog is intact at the time of adoption, we require the dog to be spayed or neutered at six months of age, which will be done at your expense. As the cost of the surgery can vary greatly depending on location, we recommend contacting your veterinarian to get an approximate cost before committing to adopting a dog. We require you to submit the spay/neuter certificate to us upon completion of the surgery.

If a dog is listed as spayed/neutered, it means it is or shall be.

If you require the dog to be transported, depending on the size of the dog, it will cost $300-$400 in addition to the adoption fee.

Give them some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Contact us with any questions. Please don't expect perfection the first week. Your new pet has been through a could take 3 days to 3 months before they feel truly home.

Meeting a dog: We are excited to have our dogs meet their prospective new families when adopter is near Houston, Tx.

Dogs in our program are in foster homes (private homes of volunteers) and treated like one of our own. We do NOT have a shelter. The advantages of having our rescued dogs in private homes is that we interact with them frequently and have insight into the personalities and likes and dislikes. Our volunteers give freely of their time, money, and affection to save these animals. Please keep in mind that they are ALL volunteers - no one gets paid, and we all have full-time jobs, families, and lives too. Please be patient if we cannot answer you immediately - we do strive to respond to all applications but it's not always possible.

For contact information for one of our “Courtesy Posts”, please see the dog’s listing. The contact information for that dog will be included in their listing. ??Disclaimer: All owner listings and/or courtesy posts for other shelters or rescues are posted per the request of an owner, shelter or rescue. These dogs are not being adopted from Rescue Texas and are not in a Rescue Texas foster home. Rescue Texas is not responsible and/or liable for the outcome of any adoption made through these listings as we are only providing information. Rescue Texas is also not responsible and is held harmless for the accuracy and reliability of the information provided within these listings. Owners/shelters/rescues that we provide a courtesy post for, and the adopters, bear the full responsibility and liability for any dog listed.

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