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Our Mission

Our mission is to one day not have any over population in our area. We are devoted to making sure that all of our animals are fixed within 30 days after adoption and we are already seeing it make a huge impact on our little town.

Adoption Policy

Our adoptions are super easy. 1) pick a pet 2)fill out a 4 page adoption application 3)we call and check with insurance companies, vet clinics, and rental properties 4)if everything looks good you sign a citation that you will only get if the pet is not fixed in the time frame we give you. 5)you leave with the animal the same day.

  • day hours
    Monday 7am-4pm
    Tuesday 7am-4pm
    Wednesday 7am-4pm
    Thursday 7am-4pm
    Friday 7am-4pm
    Saturday 12pm-4-pm for events only closed otherwise
    Sunday closed

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