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Our Mission

I am not a rescue organization, so I don’t know that I have a mission statement. I just try to help as many dogs as I can, by giving them love, attention and caring for them. I see that all their medical needs are met and that they are on preventatives. I research labels and internet to see that they are receiving a 4+ star rated dog food. They get their teeth brushed every night. I treat them just as I do my own dogs. I do my very, very best at screening potential adopters. I do everything, humanly possible to try to get them the best home possible.

Adoption Policy

The potential adopter contacts either by phone or email and either request more information or request an application. Once the application is completed and I receive it, I begin the review process. I make the necessary calls to check out their answers and references. Then I set up a meet and greet, usually at my house. If they think the dog is the right fit , I do a meet and greet at the potential adopter's house. If I see anything that needs to be fixed with their fence, etc., I bring it to their attention. If they agree to fix it, then I allow them enough time. Once fixed they contact me and if everything is ok then they fill out the contact, we go over all of it and then I bring them the dog. I may ask for an extra playtime visit to make the transition a little easier on them. I am also flexible in the event someone would want to come visit several times before making up their mind. It is what is in the best interest of the dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets