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Our Mission

WAGS Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our group of volunteers and pet advocates works tirelessly to rescue, vet, foster, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs and cats found in the Houston area. We rescue adoptable dogs and cats that are likely to be euthanized in area shelters, raise funds to allow for transitional boarding until fosters are available, fully vet the animals, market them on various adoption sites and our social media, and in some cases, provide behavioral and/or obedience training. We are 100% committed to rehabilitating, promoting and marketing stray and unwanted pets until they are placed in a safe and loving home.

Adoption Policy


We work hard to find the perfect home for all the dogs and cats in our care. Listed below is the sequence of events that we go through to assure that our pets and our applicants are the perfect match for each other:

1. As a courtesy to our foster parents, we will ask you to fill out the first part of the adoption application form prior to setting up a private meet and greet. After reviewing your application, we will contact you for a phone or email discussion, usually with the foster parent,  to discuss your current situation, your expectations of pet ownership, and to answer questions that you may have about the dog.  After the initial discussion, if you decide that you would like to move forward with the adoption procedure, we will arrange a time for you to meet your prospective new family member.  We may suggest you bring your other pets to this meeting.  
2. After receiving your application, we will verify with your vet the care on your current or previous animals.  
3. If the initial meeting goes well and both parties agree to move forward with the adoption, we will make an appt to schedule a home visit and/or arrange to have the pet meet your other animals.  
4. If, at the home visit, both parties agree that the home is good match for the adoptable pet, we will move forward with finalizing the adoption.  Most of the paperwork will be done electronically. 
5. At a mutually convenient time, we will arrange to transfer the pet to your possession.  We will take a happy tail photo and collect the adoption fee (if it hasn’t been  previously paid electronically).  The medical records will be transferred to you via email. 
6. The adoption coordinator will check in either by phone or email to make sure things are going well and to answer any questions you might have.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets