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Our Mission

We believe that there is a perfect home for each pet. Our goal is to find the right family for our pups, so that they can rescue each other, and live together happily forever.
Our commitment is always to our pups, so we are thorough in our adoption process, therefore our application is lengthy, and does not guarantee adoption.

Adoption Policy

Once a pet is ready for adoption, we place them online. Potential adopters must fill out our application form, which is mandatory before meeting the pup.
Once processed, the potential adopters and fosters are connected to share more info about the pup. After the application is approved for meet and greet, the potential adopters coordinate with rescue to meet the pup.
For an in person meet, we require a copy of the drivers license to be sent to us for verification. Out of state adopters are able to do a facetime meet with the pup.
After the meet, we take notes from our fosters for final decision.
If the foster feels the pup and the adopter are a great match, then we move forward with homecheck. Homechecks are in person or via video apps like whatsapp or zoom or facetime,

Once all works out, we send our contract and fee invoice, and schedule pick up of the pup, either in person or via transport, if out of state.

All our pets are fixed before they are adopted, no exception.

If your application is approved for adoption, but it is not appropriate for the pup you applied for, we would offer you the right match or direct you to a more suitable rescue group who may have the right pups for your lifestyle.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets