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Reclaimed Paws is a nonprofit 501c3 charity offering a unique holistic approach to dog rescue. We use a variety of alternative strategies to rediscover the beauty within our dogs just as an artisan rediscovers the beauty within a reclaimed piece of wood.

Adoption Policy

Reclaimed Paws believes that every homeless pet that comes into our program deserves a brighter future. We believe that adopters want to understand the needs of the dog they are adopting, and we will provide the tools to do so. We provide adopters with an application which is then processed by our adoption team. We ask each adopter to provide 3 references, their vets information, and we also set up a call to go over the potential adoptive dog and give a more in depth look at what the needs are for this dog. Once the adopter is approved, we then set up a phone call with one of our vetted trainers who provides a 60 min "What to expect when expecting". She will go over all the basics and this will give the adopter an opportunity to ask any and all questions they may have about setup in the home as well as intros with other dogs, etc.

Our goal is to find the perfect match between adopter and rescued dog. We want to create a community in which every adopter feels they have a lifetime of support from us and not just until they receive the dog.

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Recommended Pets