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Our Mission

We at Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue believe that every animal deserves a second chance, especially those who have had a hard life and ended up in a shelter. FTAR pulls animals from euthanasia lists all over Texas and beyond, and we specialize in animals with special needs, from puppies with cleft palates to blind kittens -- we want to save them all!

Adoption Policy

1. All animals will be fully vetted before they can go home with their adopters.
This includes the spay/neuter operation and all necessary vaccines,
including rabies. Any animals released into another home before spay/neuter
will not be finalized as “adopted” until the animal(s) is/are spayed/neutered.

2. I will give the animal proper and humane care, food, water, shelter, and all other

3. I will provide the animal with regular veterinary care, as well as all needed vet care if the cat becomes ill or injured. Should the animal become ill within two weeks of
adoption, I will call FTAR for a consultation first.

4. I will keep cats INDOORS ONLY,and will not allow it
to be used as a mouser, or for experimentation or research. I will keep dogs primarily indoors.

5. I will NOT HAVE A CAT DECLAWED under any circumstances.

6. I will isolate the animal in a small room for several days to allow it to adjust to its new
home. I will not give the animal free roam of its new space immediately upon arriving

7. I will comply with all city, county, state, and federal laws relating to companion animals.

8. I will never give away or sell this animal. If I can no longer care for or keep it I will
return the animal to FTAR. I will do so by contacting FTAR and arranging for its
return. No questions will be asked.

9. If I adopt more than one animal, and they are returned, they must be returned as a
group, unless Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue, at its discretion, determines that is
not necessary.

10. I agree to let FTAR to contact my current vet (if I have other animals) before
bringing my animal home.

11. I agree to send an update with photos and/or video within 48 hours of adoption to

12. I understand that ALL adoptions fees are non refundable and should I need to return my adopted animal, I am responsible for holding the animal until a suitable foster/transport can be found.

13. I understand that Fuzzy Texan has three separate branches and that it it my responsibility to ensure that the animal is located in my area or be willing to transport or have the animal transported to me if I adopt outside of the area.

13. I will forfeit all claims to the animal if I do not comply with these terms, and allow
FTAR to remove the animal, without notice, from my home or premises.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets