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Our Mission

Cane's Angels Rescue was named after my beautiful Cane Corso that passed away, because of his love, I've been inspired to save as many dogs as possible. We are dedicated to save as many strays until there are no more. When others left them, we saved them. We provide quality food and cozy shelter, with an abundance of safety, love, respect and trust that leads to amazing companions for our adopters. All rescues are given the proper time needed to find the right family for both the adopter and the dog. Although small, we saved entire packs and cleared neighborhoods of strays which support the well being of the community and the fur babies that live in them.

About me...

I’ve been rescuing strays and abandon dogs for over 10 years in Houston, due to the overwhelming amount of dogs in need and lack of resources available. There are over $1 million homeless strays in Texas, and sadly it’s not uncommon to see dogs as roadkill. I knew I had to do something, so when I see a dog in need, I step up to help. When I started seeing packs of strays in my very own neighborhood, I worked to get them care one dog at a time. As the need increases, and I have taken on more dogs, I created a Petfinder account as an independent rescue. No big sponsors, and very small donor support from friends and family, most of my rescues are independently funded. I’ve personally rescued over 20 dogs, and I independently sponsor them. As the dogs in need, has grown, so has my need for support. I truly do this for the dogs, and go above and beyond helping these dogs to be healthy and to find a new hopeful future of love and affection. I have successfully adopted my dogs to wonderful forever homes. Due to the love and care I provide my rescues, as well as the key steps to finding them the best fit forever homes, all of my rescues have continued to thrive with no returns or issues with my dogs. Please visit my Instagram page, Canesangelsrescue to see my before and after success stories.

The complete adoption fee goes 100% to the dogs! I actually spend way over that amount listed, because I love all of them as my own. I’m extremely diligent about their health needs, and know all of my rescues personalities as they live with me, so it is easier adjustment for them at their new homes.

As one dog is adopted, it opens another opportunity for another abandon dog to be saved.

Thank you for your taking your time to learn more about Cane's Angels Rescues!

Adoption Policy

1.) Potential Adopter fills out screening questionnaire to see if the dog fits within their lifestyle and family. For example, do you allow dogs on your furniture, what's your activity level, etc.
2.) Once they qualify past the questionnaire, we then move to the initial screening interview. We ask thorough questions to ensure that it is the right fit for both the dog and the potential adopter. Also, we ask questions about each family member in the home and their involvement and lifestyle.
3.) Next, we do a virtual call or in person meeting depending on the location of the adopter with all family members of the forever home.
4.) Then a virtual or in person home check and yard check to ensure the dog is going to a safe and secure home.
5.) We run a background check on the potential adopter.
6.) Once they are cleared we discuss the process: the adopter contract, the adoption fee, transportation costs, and set up dates for the rescue to go to their forever home.
7.) Then they work with our dog trainer to discuss decompression and getting the rescue settled into to their new home.
8.) Once the dog is in their forever home, our rescue will follow up in the upcoming weeks to make sure everyone is settled in well and comfortable after the transition. Our dog trainer can further assist in with any additional guidance to ensure the dog and family successful.

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