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Our Mission

To save and improve the lives of domestic rabbits and enrich the relationship between rabbits and their human caregivers.

Adoption Policy

• We only adopt home in which the bunny will live indoors as part of the family.
• Our adoption fee is $100 for a single rabbit or $150 for a bonded pair (rabbits form strong permanent bonds, and we do not separate bonded pairs). All adoptable rabbits are already spayed/neutered and microchipped.
• Carefully consider the on-going cost of caring for a house rabbit, and determine whether you are prepared to make that financial commitment for the life of your pet. A recent study by the ASPCA found rabbits to be the third-most-expensive companion animal—after horses and large dogs.
• You will need to prepare your home for a bunny in advance. Please be aware that most pet store "rabbit cages" are inadequate—they are too small, and the wire floors are bad for rabbits' feet. In the Rabbit Care Guide ( you will find some ideas for building your own. Some people let their rabbits freely roam a room or area of the house. If you hope to do this, be sure to read the section about "Bunny-Proofing" your home; electrical cords are especially dangerous. We do require adopters to provide us with a photo of the living space you have prepared for your new furry friend.
• Since our fosters are divided among volunteer foster homes throughout the Houston area, attending one of our adoption events is the best way to get to meet and interact with a number of bunnies at once.

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