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At Home Houston Border Collie Rescue

Houston, TX

Our Mission

All of the dogs in the At Home Houston Border Collie Rescue Program are based in Houston TX.  We work very hard with the dogs to ensure that they are on the right track for their next chapter in life.  Currently we are looking for foster homes and welcome those to inquire about being a foster.  

We love our Border Collies and finding them the best path in life, teaching the more and more about life each day!!

If your wanting to surrender a herding dog or have found one, more than happy to try and help you as it's also part of my community out reach to see what can be done in the existing home for this herding dog.  We are limited on the amount of herding dogs and Border Collies we can help as this is a self run non profit rescue.

If your not getting a reply back to your inquiry this may be a computer error please email or 832 633 1591

At Home Houston Border Collie Rescue is a one woman rescue

Adoption Policy

We welcome adopters and foster to adopt parents.  Kindly ask that you fill out the application that is presented to you when you email about a dog in the At Home Houston Program.  Feel free to have a quick chat about a dog you are interested in and or email with any questions you have.  Meet and greets are scheduled after I understand the applicants needs and the dogs.  All of this process is to ensure the best match for the dog and the applicant.  

At this time we are not doing an adoption events.  We do have walk days that are announced on Face Book, come join us and walk an At Home Houston Border Collie pup!

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