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Our Mission

Second Hoppertunities is a Non-Profit, Foster based, Rabbit Rescue located in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex) and saving rabbits all over Texas.
We were establised in June, 2019 after Rescuing our first bunny, Cinnabun, from being euthanized. She was very ill and ended up passing away, less than a week after being rescued. She can be seen on our logo. After we rescued her, we knew that there are so many more Rabbits just like her who deserve a second oppurtunity at life and a loving family. Since then we have continued rescuing and have given so many rabbits, a life they deserve. We are happy to serve the Rabbits of Texas

Adoption Policy

1. Fill out Adoption Application and get approved
2. schedule zoom meeting with adoption coordinator and foster
3. Home visit
4. Pay adoption fee
5. Take your new furry friend home

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets