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Living Grace Canine Ranch

Georgetown, TX

Our Mission

Dedicated to saving, serving, and valuing the lives of displaced Texas senior canines often deemed unworthy of love and life.


We believe that all canines, regardless of breed were born with natural gifts and talents.

We believe that every canine desires to live a purposeful life; a happy life, one of ‘belonging’.

Most importantly, we value and hold dearly the solitude Living Grace Canine Ranch provides enabling canine residents to flourish.

Adoption Policy

Step 1: Inquiry/Adoption Application (electronic)
Step 2: Review of application by Director of Adoptions followed by a video conference
Step 3: Based on Director approval, meet/greet is scheduled at our facility. If the adopter already has canine pets at home, they are invited to bring for a supervised greet.
Step 4: Based on outcome, adoptee home visit is performed by Director of Adoptions and adoptive canine attends for a meet/greet.
Step 5: Based on approval, adoptee parent is provided an Adoption Application which states the canine is to be rehomed to organization if at any time during the pet's life is unable or unwilling to give quality life care.
Step 6: Adoption packet provided. Included is canine profile, medical records, microchip #, special medical/dietary needs. Estate pet care planning document agreement offering to return pet to organization if provisions have not been executed in advance of parent's death or incapacitation

Post Adoption
1 Month Follow-up/telephone by Director of Adoptions
6 Month Follow-up/telephone by Director of Adoptions
1 Year Anniversary of Adoption Follow-up with photos for our social media platform

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets