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Our Mission

At CoDa Canine, we love working hand in hand with Rescues and Shelters to help our furry friends find their forever homes.

Our training program is a great opportunity for dogs to learn the necessary manners and behaviors to make them the best companions. After spending 3 to 4 months with us, these pups are ready to be adopted into a new and loving home.

And the best part? Once you become the proud new owner of one of our trained dogs, we’ll provide you with lessons on everything they’ve learned during their time with us – completely free of charge! It’s our way of ensuring a smooth transition and continued success in their new home. Join us in giving these dogs a second chance at a happy life! ??

Adoption Policy

We require an initial meet and greet after the applicant has filled out our application. After the meet and greet we schedule socialization days with the other dogs in the home. On these days, the adopter would drop their pets off at our facility for us to work on relationship building with the new dog being adopted.

From there we then do 2 - 3 private lesson at our facility to show the new owners what their new companion has learned while being with us. We then schedule an inhome visit where we go to them with their new dog and do a lesson in the home. After that lesson we leave the dog with them and schedule a follow up lesson 2 weeks after the dog went home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets