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Ninja Paws Rescue

Fort Worth, TX

Our Mission

Ninja Paws Rescue is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit and all donations are tax deductiblle. We primarily service the DFW area but have plans to expand our impact in the future by forming alliances with other rescues.


Ninja Paws is a non-profit organization committed to ending animal cruelty and suffering in our community. Through a network of gracious donors, loyal supporters, and tireless volunteers, we continue to provide neglected and suffering animals a second chance through responsible fostering and adoption programs. Those efforts are furthered by providing education and resources for animal owners in our community.

Adoption Policy

Most of our animals are rescued from local high-kill shelters and some are literally saved right off of the street. All adoptables received medical care, including but not limited to: vaccination, sterilization, micro-chip and/or other services needed in preparation for being placed.

We are firmly committed to the notion that every pet deserves a chance to find their own home. Through our fostering program, we are able to give these rescues the experience of a home life, better preparing them for the love and care they will eventually receive while in their forever home.

We understand that some take longer to place while others get adopted very quickly. Those needing extra time and care are given that by our wonderful fosters and while they may still have very specific requirements for adoption, we are certain that their forever home is out there somewhere!

If you would like to schedule a meet and greet with any of our wonderful adoptable, please visit our website and fill out an application. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed by the board and a meet and greet may be scheduled. Home visits are required for all adoptions. If a lifetime commitment is not your preference, we are always in need of fosters.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets