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Code Red Animal Project Inc.

Fort Worth, TX

Our Mission

At Code Red Animal Project, animals come first. Each animal under our care is an individual, and there is no time limit on their stay with us. We are willing to work with behavioral and medical conditions, and often take in animals that have been overlooked or mislabeled. Our greatest assets in serving these animas is our teamwork and flexibility. We value the diverse experience, areas of expertise, and opinions of our collaborators, volunteers, and team members. There is strength in numbers, and with community as our pillar, we hope to positively impact animal welfare in Fort Worth, TX, and beyond.

Adoption Policy

All of our adoptions are foster-to-adopt, giving adopters the opportunity to have a trial period. We firmly believe that it is impossible to know if a pet will be a good fit for your home based on a brief encounter. A trial period allows you to see the pet in your home as they decompress and find comfort, and introduce them to different situations and settings that are important in your life. Prior to finalizing adoption, we ask that the pet be seen by your vet so that your trusted veterinary team can assess the animal's health, note vaccination records, and prescribe 6-12 months of heartworm prevention (for dogs).

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets