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City of Everman Animal Shelter

3961 Bluebell Dr.
Everman, TX 76140

Our Mission

We are a small, rural shelter in Everman, Texas just outside of Fort Worth. Our goal is to find loving, forever homes for as many animals as possible that come through the Everman system.  Everman works very hard to ensure the health and happiness of our animals and we take pride in our duty as Animal Services. We clean and sanitize daily and see to the health and wellness needs of any animal in our shelter.

Adoption Policy

If interested in adopting, please email for an adoption application! All animals adoption fees are $20.

We recommend the animal be taken to a veterinarian for a wellness exam ASAP.

Animals adopted will be required to obtain vacinations and be spayed/neutered within 30 days of adoption.

For more information, please call the shelter at 817-561-5495.

Everman Animal Shelter

3961 Bluebell Street

Everman, TX

Phone: 817-561-5495

Business Hours: SUN-SAT; 8:00am-5:00pm. PLEASE be sure to call ahead to set up a time to meet as there are only two animal control officers responsible for the daily workload of both maintaining the shelter and performing their duties as Animal Services in the wonderful City of Everman.

Please call to let us know you're coming! There are no kennel technicians or other shelter staff other than the Animal Control Officers

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets