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Our Mission

The Purpose of Law N Paws:
1. Rescue and adoption of at-risk shelter and abused or neglected animals.

2. Educate the community on humane and loving treatment of all animals by
a.) Reducing overpopulation of companion pet humanely through spay and neuter.
b.) Long term forever commitment

3. Encouraging the public to recognize and report animal abuse.

4. Law N’ Paws enables El Paso Police Department Animal Cruelty Investigation section to take a step forward in finding our animal victims the medical attention that they need and with the importance of collecting, documenting, and preserving evidence for criminal prosecution of cases.

5. Ultimate goal is to find that forever loving home that these animals desperately deserve.

Adoption Policy

1. We require a meet & greet first with family and other pets.
2. Home Check
3. Adoption Contract
4. Local adoptions El Paso, Texas

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